Data format

Data format

Event consists of 2-byte words.

Event header:

  • Word 1 - Event length
  • Word 2 - Event name (See a list of event names)
  • After the event header (i.e. starting from the Word 3) several blocks may follow. Block types are specific for each event type. Block consists of the block header and data.
    Block header:

  • Word 1 - Block length
  • Word 2 - Block name (See a list of block names)
  • The block header is followed by data which is specific for each block type. See data description.

    Event names
    'PD' - pedestal
    'LD' - led
    'TR' - trigger
    'AL' - alpha source
    'BR' - ?
    'ER' - Proportional chamber
    'BS' - Begin spill
    'ES' - End spill
    'MV' - Movement of the calorimeter support

    Each event may contain only declared blocks. See the block names for each event below.

    Block names
    'EA' - Event attribute
    'A1' - ADC data from crate 1
    'A2' - ADC data from crate 2
    'A3' - ADC data from crate 3
    'A4' - ADC data from crate 4
    'A5' - ADC data from crate 5
    'XY' - Coordinate of ECAL position
    'TM' - ?
    'BH' - Beam hodoscope
    'BP' - Beam profile meter
    'PE' - Proportional chamber

    Event - Block names correspondence

    Data description