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General information:

Aim of the experiment
    Measurements of single spin asymmetry in inclusive pi, K, p production in collisions of unpolarized proton at 70 GeV/c and pi- at 40 GeV/c with transversely polarized proton target.
    More extensive information and some details see here .

    Researches to propose a new polarization experiment have been started in   IHEP.

  Late 1995:
    RAMPEX Proposal has been submitted to the IHEP scientific counsil.

  Late 1996:
    Proposal has been approved.

    The Proposal has been published as an IHEP preprint IHEP-97-58. Download PS file here

    The electromagnetic calorimeter has been assembled, installed and calibrated; test runs on proton and pion beams have took place

    Further assembling and installation; test beam runs; first data-taking run with 40-GeV/c pion beam, polarized proton target and electromagnetic calorimeter.

  Spring 2000:
    Complete setup of the detector has been assembled; first full-scale data-taking run has took place.

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